Movers & Shakers Book 2018

MADRID INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CLUB The “Movers & Shakers” Club Prestige Clubs, is now opening its second Exclusive Private Members Club: the Madrid International Business Club. The Madrid International Business Club is the premiere private business club in the Madrid’s area, which brings together only senior executives involved in the company’s general decision-making processes at top level as well as corporate leaders and business-related opinion makers. With a tradition of excellence, the Club exudes prestige and style, encouraging professional and social networking, providing exclusive meetings, events or business forums - all of which add value and positive experiences for Members. It has strong rules of non-selling approach which ensures that business relationships are built through good old fashion discussions and debates regarding business issues and current affairs. For “Decision Makers” The Club admits Business Owners, Chairmen, CEOs and other highly placed professionals with reputable companies who believe in expanding their businesses, trades and professional horizons and wish to be part of an elite clubbing initiative that creates opportunities through series of members’ services, events and specially created activities The Club courts an entrepreneurial culture and spirit as well as creates valuable meetings or events that seek to inspire, challenge the mainstream thinking, shape and help the personal as well as professional growth of all members. The vital credentials for membership at The Barcelona International Business Club are the desire to give and receive advice, be open to discussion and debate with regards to business & social aspects, be willing to share experience and knowledge.